Information for iJET Challenge Coaches

The iJET Challenge is an opportunity for your students to develop their 21st century technology and thinking skills as well as strengthening the connection to their Jewish roots.

By collaborating in small teams, carrying out structured research and presenting their findings in a thoughtful, creative and contemporary way to a global audience your students will develop skills and techniques that will be of benefit across the curriculum and beyond.

You will be expected to provide light supervision of your students, making sure that they keep within the project’s guidelines and timescale, helping them to find resources and avoiding plagiarism for example.

We will provide all coaches with full training on project-based and collaborative learning techniques as well as guidance in blogging and other relevant digital tools.

Whether you decide to allow students to work on this project during school time is up to you - there is no minimum or maximum amount of time students can spend on the project, but we anticipate that a good project will require around 1-2 hours work from the whole team each week.

The amount of time that you will need to devote to this project will vary depending on you and your students’ needs. We expect that over the course of six months each teacher will only need to spend 2-3 hours in total on the project.